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Pre-arranged & Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Pre-arrangement Funeral Plans
We can make a careful note of your funeral wishes and keep these details safe in our files. We also provide you with written confirmation of your wishes which can be left to your Next of Kin or Executor. This eliminates the stress placed on your family at the time of need as you will have already made important decisions regarding your funeral wishes already. Please note that payment would be required at the time of need.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans
Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses, in fact more than 750,000 people in Great Britain have done so already, and a G. Collins & Sons Pre-paid Funeral Plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

Download our Funeral Plan Brochure
The advantage of our funeral plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can pay now, at today's price, and beat inflation - no matter when the service might be required.

646kb PDF

Download our Green Funeral Plan Brochure
As concerns about the environment loom larger in our daily lives, more people are choosing ecologically conscious funerals. Natural, biodegradable coffins with minimal environmental impact are used.


Download our From50 Funeral Plan Brochure
A unique plan and a big worry solved. Our pre paid plans will enable you to not only secure the future funeral services that you specifically desire, but help remove a number of issues from your next of kin.

Purchase by way of a single payment, over monthly installments across one to five years, or our low Fixed Monthly Payment option.

1.2Mb PDF



The company holds membership with the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). As a condition to membership to these organisations, a strict code of practice has to be adhered to.

Our Funeral Prepayment Plans are provided by Golden Leaves Limited. All funeral prepayments are held in Funeral Planning Trust until required and comply with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.


For further information please contact us.


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